Charity Support

Each year we pick a charity to support. As a serving Director of the Hoddesdon BID Board, and as a local family business, we are passionate about our local area, and try to support local charities where we can. Through Covid we had chosen the local food bank and wanted to keep it local and picked TEENS UNITE as our next worthy charity.

Teens Unite are a successful and well-known charity, helping young people fighting cancer. Albeit they are a family run charity that hails from our local area, so they fitted our brief perfectly.

They have continually hosted amazing fund-raising events, and offer cancer suffers a diary packed full of outings, craft making, quiz’s, workshops, and meditation, to name just some of the amazing things they do. There is no end to their creativity and enthusiasm, to bring suffers together and show continued support to all those in need. I personally visited their new and exciting premises at Hoddesdon’s very own redundant Police Station during lockdown and was impressed by their endurance to continue throughout lockdown, overcoming the challenges of isolating to continue their support. It was truly humbling.


If you would like to help Shepherds raise money for this worth charity and to make a difference to young people suffering with cancer, then please ‘CLICK’ and donate.

Or head down to Hoddesdon High Street to TEENS Unite new location at HODDESDON NICK! You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, lunch, a piece of cake or afternoon tea in the unique setting of one of the jails!

If you’d like to be served to support Teens Unite, pop along to the JailBreak Café Monday to Friday between 9:30 and 2pm

Diane Sanders MARLA MCIPD PG Dip HRM
Director of Operations & HR